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Baywide Vegetation Survey

Status: Completed.

Project Summary

The Trustees contracted with Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory to conduct a vegetation survey that would provide a quantitative description of the conditions under which intertidal wetland plant species occur and flourish in Commencement Bay. The Trustees adopted this report in June 2000 and incorporate the vegetation planting information in the design of their restoration projects. The project was intended to provide the Trustees with (1) an accurate map of the location and species composition of existing intertidal natural vegetation, (2) survey information from natural and semi-natural stands on the primary factors generally known to control community species composition (e.g., elevation, slope, soil conditions, sediment characteristics, physical description of energy regimes, temperature, and salinity), (3) range and optimal conditions of environmental factors for each major wetland plant species, and (4) a framework to evaluate and interpret the data.

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