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Olympic View Resource Area Restoration Project

Project Summary

Site location
Olympic View restoration site. (NOAA)

Completed in 2002. The City of Tacoma acquired 0.7 acres of upland and intertidal property bordering the 11.7 acres of state-owned adjacent aquatic lands lease site. The lease precludes use of the eelgrass areas by incompatible commercial or industrial activities. A portion of one of the buildings owned by the defunct Puget Sound Plywood Company extending over private and state-owned intertidal lands was removed to allow the re-establishment of a productive community of tidal species. The project goal is to protect and enhance nearshore eelgrass and intertidal habitat for an assemblage of aquatic species, in a manner consistent with low-impact public use and enjoyment of a shoreline and water areas.

Restoration Activities

Through the remedial process, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency managed the in-water work, which included the removal of dioxin-contaminated sediments and backfilling with clean sediments. The pilings were removed and the site prepared for the implementation of restoration activities, including softening the shoreline to enhance the intertidal habitat and to create a riparian buffer.

The restoration construction activities consisted of removal of pilings, regrading of the site, and planting native vegetation (photos).


The City of Tacoma funded this project under the settlement.


Take I-5 to the Portland Ave. exit. At the light at the bottom of the ramp, turn right onto Portland Avenue. Turn right onto E. 11th St. and follow E. 11th St. until you get to E. F St. Follow E. F St. to the end of the street. The project is on the left side, behind the fence.

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